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Anti Termite Services
Anti Termite Services

Integrated Termite Control Service

Termites, often mistakenly called “white ants”, are known for their destructive effects on wood structures and construction. Through our integrated Termite control service we provide Pre-Construction and Post-Construction service against Subterranean (ground nesting) termites to suit your specific needs.

Service Offerings

Post Construction Anti-Termite Treatment (For Existing Buildings)

Treatment To Masonry Foundation (External Side)
If there is loose soil around the walls of your building, we dig a shovel width trench close to the external wall of the building exposing the foundation wall surface upto a depth of 50cm.
If there exists a concrete cover or masonry apron around the walls of your building, holes are drilled as close as possible to the plinth wall about 300mm (1ft) apart from each other. Insecticide is then poured, so that it reaches the soil to eliminate the termites present there and to stop them from re-infesting. If your building is on pillars, the holes are drilled around the pillars and insecticide poured into the soil.
Wooden portions of the building are treated:
Further, on all floors, wood work like doors and windows, which are highly susceptible to termite attack are also protected by treatment. Spot treatment of spraying on infested areas in the walls and ceiling is also carried out.

Warranty for 2 Years!
We give a warranty of two years. Any re-infestation of termites during the warranty period is treated without any extra charge.

Pre-Construction Anti Termite Treatment
If you are planning to build a house or develop your property for building your office, termite control is the first thing you should think of. We use highly professional and advanced techniques for treating the termite infestation problem. Direct liquid treatments are applied to the outside, inside and also in the foundation to eliminate the termites completely. Direct injection of liquid pesticide (termiticide) in areas like the foundation, within the foundation walls and also areas under the concrete slabs is part of our specialized termite control treatment plan.
Pre-Construction Termite Treatment Stages:
1. We treat the sides and bottom surface of the foundation trenches and pits with chemical to a height of about 30cm at the rate of 5 Lit. per square meter of surface area.
2. Backfill earth on each side of all built up walls, which will be in immediate contact with the foundation, should be treated with chemical at the rate of 7.5Lit. per linear meter of vertical surface of the substructure, to a depth of 45cm and width of 15cm. The chemical shall be directed towards the masonry surfaces so that earth in contact with these surfaces is well treated with the chemical.
3. Before laying the floor, treat the top surface of the consolidated earth within the plinth walls with chemical at the rate of 5lit. per square meter. Ensure back fill against foundation is treated to its full depth.
Builders should take care that any disruption of the barrier during later construction work (e.g. creation of gardens over the treated barrier), may lead to untreated gaps.
10-15 Year Service Warranty from the date of commencement of treatment.